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Couples come to see me because they feel discouraged, sad, angry, frustrated, afraid, and even hopeless. They want to experience a relationship where there is trust, and intimacy. They want to be friends. They want to laugh, play, and experience the good and bad together, as a team.

As an attachment focused and trauma resolution therapist, I know that people are only needy when their needs are not met. I help couples identify where they are stuck, and I provide them with resources to create a marriage where there is friendship, vulnerability, safety, and intimacy. They come in unsure about each other, and leave feeling safer together.

Friendship is the bedrock of every happy marriage, so I understand completely why couples feel discouraged when their marriages are struggling. I counsel with compassion and empathy, and it helps couples feel safe with me. They also leave my practice feeling secure with each other, and confident about the future of their marriage.

There is not a better feeling in my professional life, than seeing my clients experience true intimacy! Give me a call. I look forward to working with you!



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A relationship with self and others, insists on a love that is full of grace.

~ Goumah Conde

Therapy Process

How It Works

Building A Relationship With Your Therapist

The therapist-client relationship is critical to the healing process. My approach is one of compassion and empathy. I believe that the client is the expert in his/her life. I make suggestions, encourage, and challenge the client to identify and maximize his/her full potential.

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Finding New Ways To Heal Trauma

No matter who you are, or what your experience is, this is a place where you will be seen, heard, and cared for. We might be strangers on the surface, but I am here to walk beside you on your journey to health and wellness!

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Setting Your Goals And Achieving Them

There is nothing more rewarding in the trauma world, than receiving answers to painful questions. I want to hold space, free of judgment for you, as you explore your story to find resolution. I am here to facilitate the trauma resolution process for you. Let’s do it together!

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Everybody has a story. The power of group is that it provides a safe space where individuals become more self-aware, and experience growth and healing through shared stories.

Secure Love (Married Couples)

In this group couples learn how to strengthen their bond securely and bullet proof their marriage. They work through forgiveness and resentment to create a love that lasts and thrives.

Prepare for Marriage (Engaged Couples)

In this group couples learn how to navigate marriage effectively through compassionate communication, vulnerability, and empathic listening. All these things are required for a healthy and thriving marriage.

Couples In Ministry (pastors and wives, missionaries, church leaders)

This group provides couples in ministry a safe place to be their true and authentic selves. A place where they can learn to cultivate a marriage that is empowering, graceful, and intimate.

The Pastor’s Wives Exclusive Support Group

In this group, Pastor’s Wives learn how to establish healthy boundaries, prioritize themselves, and practice daily self-care. You will leave this group feeling refreshed, renewed, and empowered to live your absolute best life!

Self-esteem & Confidence Building

In this group girls 15 and older learn to believe in themselves and their abilities, and are empowered to pursue and achieve their personal goals regardless of life’s circumstances.

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I was just rejoicing in this past weekend when my husband and I went away for 3 nights for our anniversary trip.This is the first anniversary in 27 years when I have not had a PTSD event that clouded our time away with each other!!!! We are doing well, I am learning to bring my real, broken self to the table of our marriage and allowing my husband to love on that person. It also provides a context where he is also safe to not be perfect or feeling performance.Thank you for your hours of counseling me during the tough times of Covid and much despair.I just wanted to touch base with you and let you know how I am doing. My husband and I will be doing some marriage seminar talks with local pastors and their wives at the end of the month. I am happy that I have a treasure in a clay pot to give to others.

~ Unhappy to Happy Wife

Investing in our marriage is a necessity! Goumah has brought so much joy into our marriage. Our marriage is stronger, healthy, more intimate, graceful and loving more than it has ever been since working with Goumah. Goumah has equipped us, resourced us, challenged us and she listens very well. We are so grateful to have Goumah as our Marriage And Personal Therapist. We highly recommend her services! Everyone we recommend love her so dearly and I’ve seen the benefits of working with her in our marriage, and our friend's marriages.

~ A Very Pleased Husband

I met Goumah during a very difficult time in my life. I had just lost my husband of 25 years. We were in the middle of the Pandemic and I was in the middle of a very painful and difficult season in my life. I don’t know how I could have possibly moved forward without my “grief group”, lead by Goumah. She is professional and very, very knowledgeable in her field. Her love for what she does and her compassion for others is truly a gift. She would let me express my feelings, without judgement, she would listen and always had wise and caring advise, for me. I was introduced to ways and tools which I will continue to use in the “harder days”. I would not be where I am without this therapy and it is what got me through. I will never stop grieving the loss of my husband but I learned to understand how to cope with the pain. I am glad I made the decision to seek professional help and I couldn’t have been in a better place. Goumah was God sent.

~ Wife Coping With Grief.

The tragic and sudden passing of my son led me to Goumah. Along with God, she has been an integral part of my healing journey. She is wise, compassionate, empathetic and a great listener. I always left the session feeling better. I am not one who easily cries in front of others, but I felt comfortable and safe to cry and to be totally vulnerable and transparent with her. Although my grief led me to Goumah, over the past 2.5 years she has helped me to navigate other issues I was dealing with. If you are looking for an exceptional and expert therapist…make the appointment!

~ Mother Coping With Grief.

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