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Couples Coaching

Secure Love

There are two things that you hear now a days when you hear about relationships. The first thing is that people need to be more vulnerable. The second is that people need to allow their partners to be themselves. Well, all of that sounds good, but the truth is that couples need effective tools to help them be more vulnerable and to enable them to provide a space where each person can be their true, authentic, self.

This is precisely what I do with my Secure Love- faith-based attachment curriculum that I have created over the years and used with hundreds of couples in retreats and groups, to help them experience a more secure, safe, and healthy marriage.

People often seek marriage help when they are stuck in stories that restrict them from loving freely and that strip away any hope they otherwise had for their marriage. I work with them to create new meanings for their marriage by changing negative stories to positive ones through compassionate and empathic listening. 

Couples who complete my program learn to build deep, meaningful, long-lasting, and thriving relationships, because my program empowers them to communicate effectively (not simply communicate), love without fear, and establish healthy boundaries to protect and secure their marriage. They learn new ways to love and care for each other’s hearts.

If you are ready to:

  • Create trust and safety in your marriage.
  • Experience intimate communication with your spouse.
  • Experience true friendship, sexual intimacy, and deep connection in your marriage

Then sign up for my 7 WEEKS Couple’s Coaching Small Group which is designed to help you:

  • Understand yourself and your spouse
  • Reduce negative communication and increase effective and affectionate communication
  • Reduce fears and insecurity and increase trust and safety
  • Reduce disconnect and increase intimacy by learning to prioritize each other
  • Learn to practice healthy forgiveness and empowerment of each other
  • Create a deep friendship and a secure bond that will last a lifetime



*Payment plan available upon request*

Groups are structured for 6 couples at a time in order to keep it intimate and safe. The group is open to international couples as well.

Contact us if you have more questions!

Curriculum Overview

Week 1 – Who Are You?

We all want to be truly known. I had a client tell me once that she wants “soul intimacy” with her husband. In order to achieve that level of intimacy we must learn each other well, and in a safe environment. Everyone is pleasant when there is no suffering/discomfort. It is during suffering/discomfort that our negative coping mechanisms show up.

In this module couples will learn:

  • How each person has mastered his or her way of dealing with suffering/discomfort.
  • How those ways have been helpful for each person.
  • What makes each person feel fulfilled and loved

Week 2- How Did We Get Here?

In this module couples will discover:

  • The value of dreams in marriage
  • What happens when dreams get lost
  • How helpful coping mechanisms (Life Savers) can become destructive verbal and nonverbal communication patterns (Marriage Destroyers) in the marriage
  • How negative thoughts can influence communication patterns.
  • How unexpressed needs can create disconnect in the marriage.
  • How understanding can increase intimacy in a marriage.

Week 3 – I Want to Understand You

In this module couples will:

  • Learn to accept each other with compassion and empathy
  • Learn how to create a space of trust and safety
  • Learn how to stay connected even in conflict
  • Learn how to turn towards and not away from each other
  • Learn how to create an environment of respect
  • Learn how to use the right language to apologize to each other

Week 4 – Let’s Re-Connect

In this module couples will:

  • Stop depending on Life Savers
  • Learn healthy ways to connect daily to reduce Marriage Destroyers
  • Engage in activities to significantly increase intimacy and desire

Week 5 – Come Closer, Baby!

In this module couples will

  • Learn how grace strengthens marriages
  • Engage in activities to increase capacity to offer grace
  • Learn how to receive and offer forgiveness
  • Practice deeper acceptance for each other from a biblical perspective
  • Be prepared to effectively exercise grace in the marriage

Week 6 – I’m In Your Corner.

In this module couples will:

  • Learn to empower each other
  • Learn to serve each other
  • Learn to support and nurture each other based on specific needs

Week 7 – Let’s Make Love!

In this module couples will:

  • Learn the principles of intimacy
  • Receive a healthy biblical perspective on intimacy
  • Learn the 14 ways to increase intimacy
  • Receive professional resources to help with sexual intimacy in the marriage
  • Participate in a quick overview, and a sendoff celebration!!!!

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