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Counseling for Stay-At-Home Moms (SAHM)

Counseling for Stay-At-Home Moms

I was once a stay-at-home mom (SAHM). To be precise, I stayed home for almost 13 years. I fully understand the range of emotions that SAHMs feel. From excitement to guilt, to embarrassment, to fear, to uncertainty, to sometimes resentment. On any given day, I felt either one or more than one of those emotions. If you are like me, what’s even more frustrating is that most of those emotions are not the direct result of your spouse’s behavior (though sometimes it is), but more so from society. What people think and even sometimes what they have the audacity to say to our face! 

The world of a SAHM can be very lonely, and other than Mommy and Me groups, some SAHMs have no other support. This can create room for anxiety and depression, as we all need a system of support to function in a healthy manner.

I have served as that support system for many mothers who choose to put their children and family first, and I can be that support for you! There is no need for you to suffer alone; no need for you to doubt your self-worth or lose your sense of self because you are being a mother. I am here to help.

Reach out to see how I can help support you during this season of life!

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