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Everybody has a story. The power of group is that it provides a safe space where individuals become more self-aware, and experience growth and healing through shared stories.

Secure Love

(Married Couples)

In this group couples learn how to strengthen their bond securely and bullet proof their marriage. They work through forgiveness and resentment to create a love that lasts and thrives.

Prepare for Marriage

(Engaged Couples)

In this group couples learn how to navigate marriage effectively through compassionate communication, vulnerability, and empathic listening. All these things are required for a healthy and thriving marriage.

Couples In Ministry

(Pastors and wives, missionaries, church leaders)

This group provides couples in ministry a safe place to be their true and authentic selves. A place where they can learn to cultivate a marriage that is empowering, graceful, and intimate.

Pastor’s Wives Exclusive Support Group

Being a pastor’s wife is a huge responsibility that comes with major sacrifices and sometimes little gratitude. One pastor’s wife described the role as “a beautiful privilege and heavy responsibility.”

I know it all too well because I have served in ministry since my youth, and I have been a support to many pastors while serving as church lay leader, staff parish chair, and also as a candidate for ordained ministry.

I have worked alongside many pastor’s wives and I know first hand, the weight of the role they serve in.

As a pastor’s wife, you are expected to care for everyone: your husband, your children (if any), your family, your church sisters, and the community at large. If you are not serving your immediate family, you are planning events for your church family, or attending events with your husband.

Most churches have pastor’s appreciation Sunday, and in some churches, the pastor’s wives are a part of the planning committee, organizing the gifts for the pastor, yet there is hardly a day set aside to honor the wives.

Not only are pastor’s wives overlooked; many are also very lonely. They do not feel comfortable confiding in others because everything they say or do has an effect on their spouse’s job security. They are expected to be in church with a smile on their worst days. They cannot be their normal selves, because there is an expectation that pastor’s wives are supposed to be perfect people who sacrifice themselves for the sake of their husband’s call to serve the Lord.

Some pastor’s wives have said that they feel as if they have lost themselves in service to others.

So, I’ve created this group EXCLUSIVELY for pastor’s wives. It is a place where you can come once a week to simply breathe, and just be yourself. In this group, you will pray with other wives, engage in relaxation exercises, work on self-development and empowerment exercises, find your joy through comedy, and learn about your body, your mind, and your spirit. This is a place for you to be your true, authentic, self…to find yourself again! It is a safe space for you to simply BE!

If you are a pastor’s wife, and you are looking for a safe group to belong to. This is the place for you. Sign up now and begin the journey to self-discovery!

Price: $100 per month, per person.

Self-esteem & Confidence Building

In this group girls 15 and older learn to believe in themselves and their abilities, and are empowered to pursue and achieve their personal goals regardless of life’s circumstances.


Those short, funny, yet real life experience videos you would start out our lessons with made us warm up and ready to open up. Most times I thought to myself "how did you know that was what we were going through this week". I was always impressed by your vast knowledge, and how natural you were at doing therapy.

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