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Family Therapy

Family Counseling

Simply put, the goal of family therapy or family counseling is to move families from a place of dysfunction to a place of healthy functioning. Families have always had difficulties managing their relationships, even as far back as biblical times. In fact, what we have learned from the Bible is that families lack the ability to be examples of healthy functioning.

This is no different for us today. Many families struggle to communicate effectively and resolve conflicts in a healthy manner.  The movie Encanto has shown us clearly how each family has its own struggle. Conflict around issues of fairness, faith, discipline, money, etc., all plague families across the world. Who’s going to speak the truth, who gets labeled as the “black sheep?” These are all things that families deal with daily. Then there’s illness which we know can rip families apart, even mental health illness, which is often not understood and very stressful for families. 

Every family can benefit from family therapy. One of my greatest joys is to see a high conflict family come into therapy with me and then leave bonded and secure in each other. Combining compassion, and empathy with theories, I help family members move from disconnect to connection, feeling hopeful in the love of family once again.

Whether you are dealing with cut-off, sibling rivalry, parent-child conflict, conflict due to loss, or blended family issues, I am here to guide and support your family into healthy functioning.

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