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As an attachment focused and trauma resolution therapist, I know three things for sure:

  • That people are needy until their needs are met.
  • That trust, and safety are critical for a healthy marriage/relationship and
  • That boundary setting is self-respect.

Some of the statements that I have received from my clients as we discussed their goals for therapy are:

I want soul intimacy,”  “I want to feel safe with my in-laws, knowing that my spouse will protect me,”  “I want to learn how to communicate my feelings to my husband, and for him to really hear me,”  “I want to be married to my best friend,”  “I want to overcome my resentment and anger towards my wife,” “I want to feel like I matter to my husband,”  “I want to heal from my trauma and experience true love and intimacy,”  “I want to gain confidence and feel better about myself,”   “I want to stop living on the cliff and enjoy my life, ” etc.

I have spent my professional life helping couples and individual adults overcome fear and begin to experience trust, safety, and intimacy by combining research, science, and scripture in my practice. My therapeutic approach of compassion and empathy helps couples heal from marital distress and confidently enjoy their marriage without the fear of divorce and allows for Individuals to believe in themselves.

Couples leave my practice feeling hopeful for their marriage; believing in forever after, and individuals leave feeling empowered, confident, and excited about their future!

I look forward to hearing from you and figuring out together (through consultation) how I can best support you individually, or as a couple.


For me and my husband, neither of us had a great childhood. Though we grew up in a strict Christian household, we both are complicated people. We had gotten ourselves into a state where we were reacting from traumas in our past relationships. Goumah, you helped us learn to be there and to show up and support each other. I don’t think you know how you helped me learn to love myself. I later learned it stemmed from my childhood triggers from not feeling loved, and therefore seeking acceptance from my dad.

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