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Refresh Couples’ Retreat (RCR)

REFRESH is a 4-day retreat for couples, usually held at a destination. The retreat is called REFRESH because many couples looking to attend a retreat simply desire better for their marriage. Though some couples attend because they are in a place of desperation, it is not always the case. Thinking about computers, when we hit the refresh button it is because we already have something laid out on the page, we simply want to see what new information we can gather, or what improvements we can get regarding the content and clarity of the page, or if we’ve lost something/ some information, maybe we can get it back.

This is exactly what our Refresh Couples Retreat is about. It is about providing a space where couples can relax and disconnect from the stressors of the world, and connect with each other, while at the same time receiving new information to improve their marriage and make it healthier and ultimately, happier!

In my years of working with couples, one of the things that I’ve learned is that couples, especially ones with children or those who are caregivers to elderly parents,very rarely get the opportunity to be alone and simply enjoy each other. This puts great stress on marriages.

What’s great about our Couples’ Retreat is that it not only provides an outlet for couples to spend quality time together mostly at a beautiful and relaxing location. It provides couples the unique opportunity to gather resources that are guaranteed to enrich their marriage for a lifetime, if utilize effectively.

At REFRESH, we have spouses with similar goals; the desire to experience a better and healthier relationship. It is obvious through the investment that they make by committing to the retreat. Couples come ready to be authentic and they work hard towards healing.

At REFRESH, we educate couples on the requirements for a healthy and thriving marriage. We address attachment issues, tackle trauma symptoms that may be threatening the marriage, walk through biblical principles that strengthen marriages, work through a forgiveness curriculum, and engage with tons of activities that are focused on healthy and effective communication, connection, and intimacy building in the marriage. And yes, we talk about sex too!

During REFRESH, couples learn, have fun, forgive, heal, bond, and leave more grounded and secure in their love for one another.

Are you ready to REFRESH? More information coming soon!

Empowered For Life (EFL)

Our EFL retreat for Girls are usually 1-3 days. They are held in Atlanta and Miami. We also offer them virtually once a year. The content of the retreat are all based on my highly reviewed book that I published for young women 3 years ago. This book covers every issue that a young woman is going to face in life including: self-esteem, self-confidence, vulnerability & humility, self-reflection, friendship, peer pressure, education, career, dating, trust, judgement, money, and faith.

Girls leave empowered and prepared to face the world, FOR LIFE!

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