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Couples Counseling

Couples Counseling:

Abiding Grace’s Couples Counseling is for couples who are married and need help strengthening or healing their relationship. Marriage can be challenging when we navigate it alone. I am here to provide professional support to help you create the marriage that you desire.

Here are a few factors to help you decide if you need couples’ counseling:

  • You are newly married, and you want to build a healthy foundation for your marriage, with effective communication, safety, and long-lasting intimacy.
  • You find yourselves arguing with no resolution.
  • Resentment in the marriage.
  • Lack of sexual intimacy, or intimacy on any level.
  • Failure to compromise.
  • Infidelity that has caused trust issues.
  • Grief from death, loss of a job or another unexpected event.
  • Illness in the family.
  • Blending of families when children or stepchildren are involved.
  • Miscarriages or difficulty conceiving.
  • Fighting over money.
  • Stress, anxiety, and depression.
  • Addiction to sex, alcohol, gambling, or other substances.


How to Decide on Couples Counseling:

Both partners should talk about it and try to be on the same page. Couples’ counseling rarely works when one spouse is in, and the other is resistant. If you are still unsure, you can schedule a consultation with a therapist to determine if counseling is the right thing for your marriage. This will also give you all the opportunity to get a feel of the therapist. As challenging as it may seem, when considering whether to go to couples’ counseling or not, try to think about the relationship more than you the individual by putting the marriage first. If the marriage wins, you both win!


What Are the Benefits of Couples’ Counseling with me?

  • You get a safe place to share your marital challenges.
  • You get a non-bias person to help you navigate the pain in your marriage.
  • You receive resources to foster healthy and effective communication, where you feel accepted, heard, and seen.
  • You learn to build trust and safety in your marriage.
  • You receive the tools to increase intimacy!
  • You build a secure bond!

Couples counseling can be very beneficial once the couple finds the courage to engage with it, and apply the knowledge learned outside of therapy. Reach out today to learn more about couples’ counseling.

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